The mystery, the tradition and the magic of the land of the inkas (Cusco) in a tour loaded with unforgettable experiences; come and enjoy this and much more with Peru Mysteries.




    DAY 1 (CUSCO - SANTA MARIA): The tour begins at 7:00 in the morning, in our private vehicle, from the car we will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the first part of the way. Driving over 4 200 masl. to the top of Abra Malaga (pass). Take time to relax and to start to use our protective gear provided by Peru Mysteries and take them in the mysterious mountains, then we will bike in an asphalted mountain road. Feel the wind breeze in our faces, touring downhill in a windy mountain way, passing mountain villages, waterfalls, and much more. We will decent 2 000 meter in almost three hours to arrive to Alfamayo, where we are going to stop for lunch.

    After lunch and some relaxing time, we have have to prepare ourselves with insect repellent as we are going to enter in a high jungle. We are going to continue a short time by car for then start a short trek in this type of jungle. 10 minutes of hiking through the jungle takes us to our accommodation for the night. Our Mysterious lodge provides the perfect conditions to recover ourselves from the exciting day we had. Enjoyed the surrounding wildlife (parrot)


    *Optional Rafting Tour in Santa Maria: US$ 30.00


    DAY 2 (SANTA MARIA - SANTA TERESA): An early wake up (7 am) in the mists of the jungle, and after a recovering breakfast, our day is going to starts with a short but intense walking climb to start our hike in an authentic Inka Trail. Having impress by the cliffs and precipitous over the surprising valley that we walk. The guide will transport us to the time of the Incas, revealing some of the secret of this amazing and mysterious place. The trail descends to Quellomayo, where we will stop for lunch and have some time to relax (hammocks). Try to taste the natural and endemic fruits of the area (especially passion fruits). After lunch we continue hiking along the Sacred Urubamba river. This day we are walking 16 km. around, concluding with a visit to the clean and tidy Santa Theresa hot springs. A comfortable hostel and a nice dinner wait for us in Santa Theresa.


    DAY 3 (SANTA TERESA - AGUAS CALIENTES): An early wake up in this third day to have the chance to continue walking, or choose to fly in the air 150 meters above the ground over the river and the jungle. The zip line option includes 5 zips, transport to the zip line, and we will see if we are enough brave lean back into the upside down monkey position or spread our arms and dive head in the superman position. Make your reservations for the zip line in advance to ensure the safest, fastest and highest, zip (there are other zip tours with less quality).We are going to join ourselves again at the Hidrolectrica for lunch. For then continue our trek for another three hours along the train tracks to arrive you to the town of Aguas Calientes. We will have the option to visit the local hot springs of Aguas Calientes or relax and explore the town before dinner. Enjoy the night…


    *Optional Zip Line Tour in Santa Teresa: Us$30


    DAY 4 (MACHU PICCHU - HUAYNA PICCHU – CUSCO): The climb to Machu Picchu begins early before the sunrise. Climbing up step by step for one hour approximately the Inka stairs to the lost city of the Inkas “Machu Picchu”. We will be guided for two hours in a tour that reveals the mysteries of this magic place. After the tour you have the option to climb up to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain for one hour more, an incredible view of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains and valleys. Then we will explore by ourselves this magic place and we will try to get the perfect photo before starting our descent back to Aguas Calientes.


    The return time to Cusco will depend on which transport option, or return train you choose.

    Huayna Picchu is the mountain located at the northwest of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu Mountain is located at the southwest. Huayna Picchu is steeper, but more popular and some more interesting archeological remains at the top. Machu Picchu Mountain is a longer trek, less crowded and less steep. Both mountains offers a great of Machu Picchu.


    • Huayanpicchu price is US$ 10.00 extra depending of spaces.(reserved in advanced)
    • Machupicchumontaña price is US$ 6.00
    • Students: US$ 20.00 discount (ISIC card)