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    The mystery, the tradition and the magic of the land of the inkas (Cusco and Machupicchu) in a tour loaded with unforgettable experiences; come and enjoy this and much more with Peru Mysteries.




    DAY 1 (CUSCO - ABRA MALAGA - SANTA MARIA): The tour starts at 7:00 in the morning, in one of our private vehicles, from the vehicle we can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the first part of the way, this first part of our trip will be to the Abra Málaga (mountain pass) , at more than 4 200 meters above sea level. After relaxing for a moment we will begin to use the protective equipment provided by "Peru Mysteries" to take us to the mysterious mountains. Mountain bike descent for 03 hours on a paved road and feel the breeze of the wind on our faces, travel costs down a windy mountain, and passing through mountain villages, waterfalls and much more. We will descend a height of 2 000 meters in almost three hours until we reach Huamanmarka, where we will once again take our bus unit to the town of Santa Maria where our hostal.


    After lunch and a relaxing moment we will prepare our selves to do rafting, our next adventure on this day. The canoeing takes place in the Santa Maria river and it is level 02-03, in which we will not only enjoy the adventure and adrenaline; but also of the beauty of the place, after this we will return to our accommodation to spend the night.


    DAY 2 (SANTA MARIA - SANTA TERESA): An early wake up (7 am.) of the night in the jungle, and after a good breakfast, our day will begin with a brief but intense climb, to start the walk on an authentic Inka Trail, surrounded by the impressive cliffs and precipices of the amazing valley in which we walk. The guide with his explanations will transport us to the time of the Inkas, revealing some of the secrets of this surprising and mysterious place. The path descends to Quellomayo, where we will stop for lunch and we will have time to relax (hammocks). Try to taste the natural and endemic fruits of the area (especially the fruits of passion). After lunch we continue walking along the edge of the Sacred Urubamba River. This day we walk around 16 km. concluding with a visit to the clean and medicinal thermal waters of Santa Teresa. A comfortable hostel and a nice dinner await us in Santa Teresa.


    DAY 3 (SANTA TERESA - AGUAS CALIENTES): An early awakening on this third day to have the opportunity to continue walking, or choose to fly in the air 150 meters above the ground, the river and the jungle. The zip line option includes 5 different lines, transport to the zip line, and we will see if we are brave enough to lian back into the upside down monkey position or extend our dive arms and head in the superman position. We will arrive at the Hydroelectric to have lunch. Then continue our trek for another three hours along the train tracks until we reach the town of Aguas Calientes where we will spend the night in a comfortable hostal. In Aguas Calientes we relax and explore the city before dinner.


    DAY 4 (AGUAS CALIENTES - MACHUPICCHU - CUSCO): The climb to Machupicchu begins early before sunrise. Starting 30 minutes on a flat road and then climbing step by step for approximately 1:00 hour the stairs to the lost city of the Inkas or citadel of "Machupicchu". We will be guided for two hours on a tour that will reveal the mysteries of this magical place. Then we will explore this magical place for ourselves and try to obtain the perfect photo before starting our descent back to Aguas Calientes for then take the train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo for 45 minutes aprox. and to take our return bus to Cusco.



    • The time of return to Cusco will depend on the train option you choose, the compamy in the tour provides the 18:20 hours train
    • After the tour, you have the option of going up the mountain Huayna Picchu or the mountain of Machupicchu for one more hour, from the top of these mountains you have an incredible view of Machupicchu, the surrounding mountains and valleys (book in advance)
    • Huayna Picchu is the mountain located northwest of Machupicchu, is steeper, but more popular and has interesting archaeological remains at the top
    • The Machupicchu mountain is located to the southwest. The Machupicchu mountain is a longer, less crowded and less steep walk



    1. Specialized and bilingual guide
    2. Briefing one or two days before the tour
    3. Mountain Biking, Rafting and Zip-line
    4. Equipment: Bicycle, Rafting and Zip Line
    5. Private transport and transfer from Cusco - Santa Maria. (Starting Trek)
    6. Bus tickets to Machupicchu Inka City and to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes (optional)
    7. Entrances tickets to Machupicchu
    8. 03 night in a hostels
    9. 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches,  3dinners (Vegetarian option)
    10. First aid kid and oxygen
    11. Return train tickets (Machupicchu to Ollantaytambo) and bus to Cusco (optional)



    1. First day breakfast
    2. Last day lunch in Aguas Calientes
    3. Tips and souvenirs



    1. Original passport (normal student card)
    2. Camera
    3. Hiking boots
    4. Waterproof jacket/rain jacket
    5. Warm clothes (hat and gloves)
    6. Towel
    7. Sun hat - Sunglasses
    8. Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)
    9. Water container; water purification tablets, or money to buy water along the way
    10. Insect repellent
    11. Personal medication
    12. Torch with spare batteries
    13. Walking stick (with rubber tip)
    14. Extra money



    • Entrance Huayna Picchu Mountain or Machupicchu Mountain (20.00 $)
    • 2 metal walking sticks 10.00 $ for the entire trip
    • Tourist train Class Vistadome (1st Class train with panoramic windows to enjoy the view of Machupicchu Valley) is 50.00 $ per person additional



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