The Salkantay trek to Machupicchu is considered as one of the best treks in the World (National Geographic Adventure – Magazine). All this considering the natural beauty thanks its unique geographical position. The Salkantay Mountain high is 6,271 masl, with cold climatic conditions.




    DAY 1 (CUSCO – MOLLEPATA - SORAYPAMPA): An early wake up to pick it up at 4:30 hours from your hotel and then travel to Mollepata one of our private tourist buses. Mollepata is a small Andean village where we are going to enjoy a good local breakfast while our staff prepares the horses with everything necessary for the trip. From Mollepata we will travel one more hour by bus to Challacancha, place where we are going to officially start our trek, enjoying the spectacular view of the Limatambo valley and then continue our walk to Markokasa. From this point we can see the Salkantay mountain. We are going to arrive to Soraypampa (3,900 masl.) where our camp is and where we are going to enjoy our revitalizing lunch. After lunch and a little siesta in our camp we are going to have the opportunity to visit the mountain and lake Humantay, an ascent hike that will take an hour on average to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the place and the fascinating turquoise waters of the Humantay lake. After this visit we are going to return to the camp and enjoy a recomforting dinner and we are going to rest.


    DAY 2 (SORAYPAMPA - SALKANTAY PASS - HUAYRACPUNKU - CHAULLAY): We are going to enjoy our breakfast (5:30 hours) And begin our walk towards the Salkantay pass, the highest point of the trip (4,650 masl.) located between two large snowy mountains: Salkantay Mountain (6,271 masl.) and the Humantay Mountain (5,473 masl.); in this pass we will have some snow probabilities. With a spectacular view at this point we will perform a small ceremony; This ceremony is known as a "Payment to Mother Earth or Pachamama (Jaywarikuy)", basically we leave some coca leaves on the rocks as a gift or offering to the Pachamama and thus  form ask permission to continue safe with our incredible and memorable walk . We are going to continue our trek descending through an interesting and beautiful cloud forest to reach Huayracpunku, where we will enjoy our lunch. After lunch, we are going to continue walking towards our second camp, Colcapampa or Challway (3,000 masl.), at this point we will enjoy the beautiful Andean landscape, and then enjoy a delicious dinner.


    DAY 3 (CHAULLAY – PLAYA SAHUAYACU – LUCMABAMBA – SANTA TERESA): After a good breakfast (6:30 hours), we begin our trek passing through several valleys, crossing rivers and a variety of streams, and enjoying the wonderful view (waterfalls, tropical fruits, colorful birds and various native plants). The trail is less demanding, with a generally warm climate. We will enjoy lunch on the way (Playa Sahuayacu). We are going to see vivid valleys (Lucmabamba) and then arrive at the last Santa Teresa camp. After a break and with some sandwiches, we will have the option of visiting the hot springs of the place and then return to the camp and enjoy a nutritious dinner.


    DAY 4 (SANTA TERESA - HIDROELECTRICA - MACHUPICCHU PUEBLO): After a good breakfast we continue our walk for another 3 hours to the Hydroelectric (lunch) and then 3 hours to Aguas Calientes the town in the lower part of Machupicchu. The trail passes through an old coffee plantation in Mandorpampa, until reaching the cloud forest. Following the Urubamba river (sacred river) for an hour and a half enjoying the hydroelectric waterfalls (the waterfalls have a height of 12 m.) From the waterfalls, the path continues through a beautiful and fertile landscape (coffee, bananas and avocado farms). This natural area is the habitat of mammals such as: the spectacled bear and many species of birds and butterflies, some of them endemic to the area.The forest is full of bromeliads and many varieties of orchids, some of them are still not identified by science, we will finally arrive at Machupicchu town (Aguas Calientes) to spend the night in our comfortable hostel. In Aguas Calientes you can visit the thermal baths of the place.


    DAY 5 (FULL DAY MACHUPICCHU – OLLANTAYTAMBO – CUSCO): We will enjoy our breakfast and then restart with our walk, this time to the citadel of Machupicchu. The climb to Machupicchu begins early before sunrise. Starting to walk 30 minutes on a flat road and then climbing step by step for 1:30 hours approximately the Inka stairs to the lost city of the Inkas "Machupicchu". We will be guided for two hours on a tour that will reveal the mysteries of this magical place. Then we will explore this magical place for ourselves and try to obtain the perfect photo before starting our descent back to Aguas Calientes, for then take the train from Aguas calientes to Ollantaytambo for 45 minutes aprox. and take the return bus to Cusco.



    • The time of return to Cusco will depend on the train option you choose
    • After the tour, you. You have the option of going up the mountain Huayna Picchu or the mountain of Machupicchu for one more hour, from the top of these mountains you have an incredible view of Machupicchu, the surrounding mountains and valleys (book in advance)
    • Huayna Picchu is the mountain located northwest of Machupicchu, is steeper, but more popular and has interesting archaeological remains at the top
    • The Machupicchu mountain is located to the southwest. The Machupicchu mountain is a longer, less crowded and less steep walk



    1. Specialized and bilingual guide
    2. Briefing one or two days before the tour
    3. Private transport and transfer from Cusco - Mollepata. (Starting Trek)
    4. Bus tickets to Machupicchu Inka City and to Machupicchu town or Aguas Calientes (optional)
    5. Entrances tickets to Machupicchu
    6. Camping equipment(mattress and tents)
    7. 03 nights in tents and 01 night in a hostel in Aguas Calientes.
    8. 5 kilos free on horses
    9. Professional cook
    10. 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners and various snacks (Vegetarian option)
    11. First aid kid and oxygen
    12. Return train tickets (Machupicchu to Ollantaytambo)
    13. Bus: Ollantaytambo to Cusco (optional)



    1. First day breakfast – Last day lunch in Aguas Calientes
    2. Sleeping bags
    3. Walking sticks
    4. Tips and souvenirs



    1. Original passport (normal student card)
    2. Sleeping bag
    3. Camera
    4. Hiking boots
    5. Waterproof jacket/rain jacket
    6. Warm clothes (hat and gloves)
    7. Towel
    8. Sun hat - Sunglasses
    9. Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)
    10. Water container; water purification tablets, or money to buy water along the way
    11. Insect repellent
    12. Personal medication
    13. Torch with spare batteries
    14. Walking stick (with rubber tip)
    15. Extra money



    • Extra porter or Horses (Optional 80.00 $ per 4 days)
    • Entrance Huaynapicchu Mountain or Machupicchu Mountain (20.00 $)
    • 2 metal walking sticks 10.00 $ for the entire trip
    • Additional single tent for camping nights 35.00 $
    • Tourist train Class Vistadome (train with panoramic windows to enjoy the view of Machupicchu Valley) is 50.00 $ per person additional