Responsible tourism, is the most important request for ecotourism...


Peru Mysteries is a tour operator company that observes ecotourism as a unique form of conservation with sustainable development. We are worry about what is happening in our world. We consider ecotourism as the way of preserving nature, providing sustainable development for the communities in the ones we realize our tours. We try to teach our visitors to love what they see; visiting pristine places, traditional places and offering adventures in our different destinations. Tourists love conservation if we show them nature in the right way, they return home with the feeling for then share it with family and friends, in that way our company wins additional value of environmental conservation and education.


We have experience working in ecotourism in reserves like Manu National Park, Cusco and surrounding areas... Do not miss what we offers to you. Visiting and enjoying habitats in the mountains (sites), cloud forests, and lowland tropical rain forests.


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  • The proprietor, guide with 15 years of experience guiding
  • Professional staff: specialized and certified guides, cooks and drivers
  • We have three ecological lodges in Manu National Park: one in the Cloud Forest or High Jungle, one in the Low Jungle Cultural Zone) and one into the Reserved area. Strategically located to appreciate the different ecological habitats and the best flora and fauna of Manu National Park
  • Exclusive accommodations in all our tours
  • 02 motorized boats (canoe) without noise pollution
  • Own land transportation
  • Our exclusive Canopy Zip Lining
  • Full Rafting equipment in tropical rivers class I and II with a specialized captain
  • Prepared mountain bikes
  • We have all tours certificates